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This is Not the Greatest Hello World Post. This is just a tribute

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

A person celebrating his first blog post by playing a guitar riff and singing "hello world"
Catch the reference?


Let me begin by saying, I have absolutely no idea what I should write about. A ‘Hello World’ post is usually the first default post that new websites force on new users. Some themes even automatically publish it for you with ‘lorem ipsum’ text so you should always do an audit. You don’t want Google indexing your meta tags with the default ‘lorem ipsum’ placeholder. You might also want to include an image so it's not so blank.

Now, if you are here then that means we successfully ranked for the terms Hello World & First Blog Post, and here I was thinking there wouldn’t be a large enough volume of searches.

That's the beauty of SEO. By ranking for such obscure terms we hope to be able to showcase our skills as a digital marketing agency & more specifically our skill as content marketers. Our first goal with this post is to rank for the terms hello world & first blog post.

That's how we bring the crowd in.

The secondary & probably more important goal is to educate & inspire future content writers by literally ranking for such weird terms & doing it mostly with creativity. The first post does not have to be perfect. You can literally just say hello to your target users as you enter the world wide web. In this post, You will see the techniques we use or will use for all our content moving forward. We won’t dumb it down for you here, you can see the dumbed down version of how to rank in one of our future posts that we will link here. Aside from just traffic, there are also a couple key benefits to writing your first hello world blog post.

Top 5 benefits of writing your Hello World article in 2023 are:

  1. It allows you to show your creativity

  2. It allows you to showcase your content writing/marketing skills

  3. You can create affiliate offers or include a call to action. Such as "Hire us to improve your SEO"

  4. Once the first post is done, all others are easier

  5. It allows for your site to have a pristine index instead of starting with a deleted page(speculation)

Now that last reason is theoretical, but it does have some science behind it. You see when a page is created for you it will also create a URL. If your site is indexed with that default hello world url & suddenly you delete it, crawlers will be directed to a 404 page. A 404 page effectively ends a web crawler's lifespan on your site. The goal of every SEO is to keep crawlers crawling your content in an infinite loop of contextual internal & external links. Just like how this link links to our LinkedIn About Us page

I’ll end this post here for now because I’ve run out of things to say. Follow us for updates & to see additional tips on how to generate organic traffic. I’ll give you another one for free. The reason why I’m not worried about coming back on a later date to update this post is that you should be updating your timestamps on a weekly/monthly basis for all your content. It ups your freshness score and satisfies the crawlers.


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