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Our Current PPC/SEM Projects

We share what we are currently working on to provide transparency to future clients & to also help hold our team accountable to taking ownership of each account. We will never share private information & always get approval before posting updates or progress reports to this page. Our hope is to be able to address one of your pain points in your business by being open & candid about our struggles & successes.

Two female colleagues who look to be discussing an important topic in a quiet and secluded work space.

PPC Management for Property Managers

One of the largest property management companies in the US recently asked us to take over management of their Google Ads accounts. Their current portfolio houses over 500 different property managers & it really has been a struggle to update each one to modern G4 & correct event actions. Hard work pays off though as we are already seeing significant improvement in analytics which will translate to major business goals over the next year.

a young successful female entreprenuer smiling & happily leading a meeting amongst her peers

Ecommerce PPC Management

Small but powerful, this ecommerce store is taking the Mommy web by storm by providing useful products to Moms of all ages. We recently had the largest mothers day sales numbers since starting a year ago & are now being contracted to handle the full PPC Management stack on duplicate sites. I won't lie, since we already have the success template, this will be easy, but that's kind of what this Mom is counting on. Replicating businesses & cashing checks.

Woman standing in front of her hand made pottery collection, smiling & admiring her recent collection.

Google Ads for Local Businesses

I grew up in a third world country, & though I grew up in the privileged community of Spring, Tx; I was never far from my roots. This client is helping bring their home countries community to the US, starting with her own back yard, literally. Who knew pre grown exotic plants from South East Asia could sell so well. Google trends definitely did, and with our PPC Management services we are helping establish a seemingly true monopoly. This is definitely something big box retailers can't copy too easily.

Group of four workmates walking through their warehouse & discussing their day to day happenings.

Custom Printed PPC

The great thing about our services is the low barrier to entry. With a fixed monthly cost, this team has been able to grow & plan their business without worrying about surprise spikes in agency fees. This custom print business has a large overhead to overcome before profitability & we are not about to get in their way just to pad our bottom line. Loyalty & consistency is more important to us than a large management fee. This client was so thrilled about our PPC Management prices that they locked us in for 2 years, 1000% ROAS here we come.

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